Freedom in Beauty

Freedom in beauty
Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.  – Rumi



Quote gelb
Horizon sharp but far away
Hidden hopes upon a bay
Guile and guide, but not this time
The stillness holds this moments rhyme
Captured neath a man held shape
    A sandy shower is its golden drape
Poem © justme; Image © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved




Image © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved

Yet to my silent tune

  “Yet to my silent tune the clouds they move, they cry they dance.”

This quote is part of the poem-prayer ” the dream of life” by justme.

Credits: poem© justme; Image © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved

Somewhere between the stars

‘Somewhere within the space between the stars, held within the moment is my place. A perfect place, a quiet place, where I belong …’

This quote is part of the poem-prayer “THE DREAM OF LIFE” by justme.

Credits: Quote © justme; Image © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved

Love is all I need

The quote is a verse from the poem ” What colour is the sun”  by justme.

Credits: poem © justme; Image © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved

Ord/ Words

Words, that strange expression attributed to groupings of letters, conjured, gathered, held, to form our ideas, each word lofted and championed as only of its own essence, yet tainted, turned and taunted by our own attachment.

Letters of communication, gathered under the lie of non affiliation, acclaimed as singular of meaning and affect, yet practised with the bluntness of a carving knife and the lightness of custard.

We the arbitrators uphold the system, deny the invasion and post the intricate.

Credits: Writing ©justme; Image: © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved

To live with love

by justme

What is it to live with love?
To combine, to commit,
to converge, and to see.
To understand you can’t change that,
which is already,
so definitely free.
To know that fault lies only,
with ones little idea
called me.

To ponder for just a moment, the unknowable,
and then fully, let go.
To awake from slumber, not by words,
but by action, not show.

To approach the day with an expectant pledge.
To force that which is unmovable over the edge
with an unstoppable, undeniable force.
To realise it’s not you,
but the invisible,
God source.

To understand that to mend could only mean, something is broke
To laugh at the image and discard it
and remove
that illusory, human cloak.

Credits: poem @ justme; Image: © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved


by justme 
Emptiness surround, quietness no fears
Stillness and sharpness
a projecting on hollow eyes
It appears.

The pendulum of time held still
A motion stopped dead at its height
A floating song note captured
Between finger and thumb,
I trap a joule of light.

Man’s world passes by
slow motion, three screens of life –
future, present and past.
Everything silent,
nothing is fast.

I could touch a particle of air
See a cave of bones and echoing head
Strip the colours of the rainbows
Hold the ocean in my hands
I can raise the dead.

Credits: Poem © justme; Photo: © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved

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