Freedom in Beauty

Freedom in beauty
Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.  – Rumi

Death and Transformation

Oh tainted thing, you were once the soft and luscious leaf of green, gorging temptress sitting high upon the pedestal of tree. You held a high and mighty place and looked out above the lowly things. Yet remember you flew and fled and lie upon the ground, the hardened ground were the least be found. No more the luscious green, your body wraps and curls as the brown and tainted thing spreads your self, you denied it’s truth. Soon the earth shall claim you.

….and as the traveller passes he looks up to the sky and to the dancing leaves upon the tree and he says to the heavens ‘teach me, tell me of the truth’ yet know not he the ground he stands on is but holy ground. The answers he searches are trembling beneath his feet…. whispering “once upon a day did I dance upon a tree, once upon a morn I watched and fed upon the sun, once upon a morn I looked out to the world and longed only to be a little bit higher, a little bit closer to the source, yet now I lay upon the earth, that which stands the tree, that which holds the water of life and because now I know must I be hid, must I be taken for fear a man shall know and rip up the tree, for it is only when a thing lays silently within the arms of the earth shall it understand, shall it see, shall it truly dance”.

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Through Understanding and Forgiveness


Our Father, mother, God, creator of everything.
Who art perfectness
Hallowed be thy name
Thy kingdom be realised and experienced
On earth through humanity, as is our spirit
Give us this day our daily task because there is only this day
Forgive us for not understanding because it is through understanding and forgiveness we are forgiven and understood
Lead us not into temptation because thou could not, else thou would not be a God of love.
Deliver us home through grace
That we may live.

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Now close thy eyes


Quote gelbNow close thy eyes and go nowhere, sense the air caress your hair
Feel the movement of thy breath, fear not life, fear not death.
The past is lost the future gone, in this moment now you belong.

It is within this moment that the moment is held
It is not what is done, moved or yelled.
It is the moment itself which holds the space
A silent moment filled with grace.

Catch a breath, thundering bliss, give your thoughts a passive miss
Lay you quiet upon this silent wind, for truly thou have never sinned
Submerge and melt, surrender every cell, sincere and heartfelt, just in quietness…
now ye dwell.

All the moments that ever were, all the moments still to share.
Let the earth just be.
For within this moment
God meets thee.

Silent night, Holy night

Happy Christmas, everyOne

Come with me

Love in Silence



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A master piece am I

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There is a rainbow here.

It is so quiet, so very silent.

Its back is bent and its misty clouded eyes are weeping tears of pain.

Its weeps for me, it cries for you.

Its tears they paint me.

A master piece am I.

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The reason for suffering


BlockquoteThe reason for suffering or continuing problems which tend to operate in repeating cycles, is the inability of the sufferer to let go and surrender.
To solve any problem one must understand that all human problems have no substance and that advice from a conscious being will be suffice- if acted upon.
A sufferer of any problem can only ‘solve’ the problem by seeking and acting on such advice or by surrendering completely to the point they realise they dont know the answer – within that moment of silence and complete surrender the answer will come.

This is ultimately the reason why it is much easier to advice others on how to solve their problems than on ones own problems.It is the difference between attachment and surrender.


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Through Love (Prayer)


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The Journey


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