Come to me

snow 3

by justme

It is within this emptiness I live.
It is within these tears I thrive.
It is within this nothingness I sleep and it is within this sleep I die.

Come to me all ye who are of haste,
lay your head gently upon my breast….
For the darkness that overshadows you,
is but the stone upon your face.
Take the stone, oblige the weight,
one foot forward, await thy fate.
Silent is the moon, the stars shout not either.
Quiet is the rivers, the sea a constant giver.

Credits: poem ©justme; Image @ CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved

Black Cats

Essence of light

Essence of light
by justme 

Essence of light
Meandering beauty of a traveller
Stars align, nothing said
Moon reflect no thoughts
Aloneness but beauty.
No masquerade.

No clock of man
No wind nor rain
No eyes need see
No skin , no pain.

Space within, space without.
Whispering knowledge.
Million years reign.
Warmth and peace the content.
The veil appears.
I am born again.

Credits: poem © justme; Image: © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved;

Essence of light is also the title of the first just poems’ chapbook


by justme 
Emptiness surround, quietness no fears
Stillness and sharpness
a projecting on hollow eyes
It appears.

The pendulum of time held still
A motion stopped dead at its height
A floating song note captured
Between finger and thumb,
I trap a joule of light.

Man’s world passes by
slow motion, three screens of life –
future, present and past.
Everything silent,
nothing is fast.

I could touch a particle of air
See a cave of bones and echoing head
Strip the colours of the rainbows
Hold the ocean in my hands
I can raise the dead.

Credits: Poem © justme; Photo: © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved