The paradox of everything


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The paradox of everything-Cover

Quote gelbIt is not the dawning of ecstasy we thrive to inhale, it is not the chivalry of being we wish to indulge, it is the paradox of everything we seek.

Sadness is our horse, affliction our companion and loneliness our welcomed friend. We seek that which we openly repulse. We seek the same that we may dwell upon the void and perhaps drop naked upon the cloud of nothingness, in the hope we catch a reflection of the real, a murmur of the true and a glimpse of our beginning. Our will to fulfill, our prayer to die and our being to be loved.

This is my prayer.
This is my will.
This is my surrender. 


And fear shall be no more (Prayer)


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And fear will be no more

This prayer is part of a compilation ” FROM A SOUL THAT MUST”

I AM come


by justme

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden.
I will give you rest,when you are ready to start.
Take my yoke upon you and learn from me.
I am gentle. I am humble in heart.

You will find rest for your souls.
For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.
You each can keep your daily roles.
Through peace.
Not power and might.

Let it not be said you did not have the chance.
Let it not be said.
He played the flute for you,
and you did not dance.
I am calling the father the mother the child and wife
The actor the gardener, the painter and all.
The loved and unloved on the road to Saul.
I only wish you to come out of the strife.
I am come , I AM come.
That you might have life.

Credits: poem © justme; Image © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved

One life

There is one life , my life.
There is no other life.

All things which come to me, or appear to me came through this one life.
All I see, taste,touch,hear or smell is that which I created.
This world is a world of possibilities. This world knows no lack.
This world provides everything that is needed. This world is perfect, because that which created the world must be perfect.
Nothing perfect could create imperfection. The imperfection is only how I view the world.

I need a new pair of glasses because the old glasses are full of opinions, both my own and my peers. The opinions are formed through my own desires and through others beliefs – which are not mine. Beliefs which I have accepted through fear, though I know in my deepest place, there is nothing to fear.

I pray, I do not accept the world because of what men say even if they be 99 to 1. Rather let me accept only that which echoes in my heart. Let me have the faith to know, not only in words but really know- that which goes before me makes the crooked places straight. Why, because that which goes before me is that which I am.That which goes before me creates everything so perfectly how could it not create me so perfectly? It must have !


Credits: writing © justme; Image © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved

The greatest treasure

Seek not the farther good, seek not that which seems beyond the pale, but rather look for your joy within your brothers heart, for it is in the heart of your neighbour lies the greatest treasure. It is in the laughter of your chat and the babble of your children, in the rush of the morning and at the busy breakfast table you shall find your joy

and he continued:

many have sought in the clouds or sought peace in another, but few have entered the silent place, few have understood they cannot see because the universe has chose it so, let you not be like them, let you when you hear the words – this is wrong, this is right, let you know that every right and every wrong is but only wrong or right for you. 

When confusion lifts her bedraggled head let your heart and mind and soul cry out, I dont know! Then the universe shall lift you and holding you close and gently stroking your head it shall rock you to sleep, and you will wish to know no more.

Credit: writing © justme; Image@ CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved

To him who has

by justme

To him who has, shall it be given,
the choice of man, man now living.
Wander ye, among the thorns,
clinging he, his heart forlorn,
For a greater good, not told to man,
for man has known, yet man, has no plan.
Yet settle he, upon the earth,
feel the touch, the touch of birth,
he looks around and sees no pain,
no human pull, no human gain.

He prays ∞

A different version of this prayer – poem in a picture can be found here

Credits: Poem @ justme; Image @ CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved

The wind not of air

by justme

‘Go away oh wind so cold, your stabbing knives
Of force are not welcome here’
‘Who could create such a vile and unwanted thing?’
Oxygen, my food, so very near.
Yet, you force my breath as I gulp for life,
‘You chase it from me and distract upon my memory, when once upon a time
This man was free’
Go away that I may think, you thumping,drunken,slapping stink.


Cry not oh human upon a memory, yet forget the wind
For it held you close and tucked you neath the ancient heavenly stars
It never once asked, if you have ever sinned
It’s thundering words came like showers
Shivering through the fields and rivers, trees and flowers

For I , I am the wind, I hold the memory of yesteryear
And then, and now
Feel my touch of love, feel my warmth chase away and steer
Around your fingers, i wrap and tangle and show you how
The dream of memory is always near,
And yet
I hold also the promises of tomorrow, without your fear.

For I am the wind that started there and here
Though I be turbulent, tumultuous and wild
Also can I be caressingly near
Gentle and innocent
Holding the emptiness and potentiality of any mothers child.

Close your eyes and touch my emptiness
That you may feel my fullness and allow me,
to  carry you
My source, my friend, my forever master
Let go and let me sway and swing you homeward,
Now and,
Ever faster.

And a wind not of air but of spirit passed through me
The veil it dropped the clouds they cleared
The road raised up, the forests cheered
It lifted me high so I could see.
Perfect stillness
This man is free.

Credits: Poem © justme; Image © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved


He prays

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