World without end

It is true of every human that the thing which seems the weakest, that thing which draws a human experience toward the source, like a moth to the light, is actually the strongest.That thing which may be called a hidden desire,an unfulfillment, is so strong and its presence is always felt no matter how faint, though we sometimes go left or right and up and down or stand still, eventually we find the same light and even though we may get burned and even materially destroyed, we fulfil our destiny of servitude and experience which is the fulfillment of the law.The fulfillment of the law, though it may need numerous attempts will always eventually lead to recognition of the expression of source like a droplets of water fulfilling that which is called wave. So too that which is our destiny will realise its connection with life and we will understand that even man’s concept of time and space,desire and fulfillment are merely concepts expressed by that which cannot entertain anything of a greater magnitude.
This seemingly hidden desire will shed the clothes of disguise through that which is referred to as experience and be seen once again, as it was in the beginning and ever shall be, world without end.∞

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Credits: writing © justme; Image © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved


by justme

Show me the man who does not love
The life that he does lead
A forgetful man, a wanting man
just longing to succeed.

Show me the man who does not love
the family he has built
A broken man, a soaken man
a man refused of guilt.

Show me the man who does not love
The quiet of nights sleep
A valiant man, a daring man
His home to duty keep.

Show me the man who does not dream
of perfection as his own
A strident man, a steady man
His life he give alone.

Show me the man who does not love
the fulfillment of being right
A stronger man, a determined man
a man who stands to fight.

Show me the man who does not love
the friends and family tie.
An honest man, a hopeful man
a man who hides to cry.

Show me the man who does not love
The freedom promised from god
A fearing man, a compliant man
a man doomed to sod.

Show me the man who does not lose
the desire to be free
whose every wrong and every right
is all so he can see.
Such is the man that I am now
let angels shout out loud
Let rivers burst and valleys roar
Instruct and chase the cloud.

And when all men’s thoughts and noise and dash
finally settles down
Let stillness seep and nature keep
let there be no further sound

Then show me the man who does not love.

Credits: Writing: ©justme; Image@ CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved

A hidden desire

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