And fear shall be no more (Prayer)


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And fear will be no more

This prayer is part of a compilation ” FROM A SOUL THAT MUST”

I am innocence

by justme

I am innocence, yet I know not what that is.
I see the shapes and colours of the flowers, the trees, the butterfly.
I am innocence, yet I know not what that means.
Can you not see what I see? You are taller than I.
Can you not see much more than me?

I am innocence yet I know not what that is.
I see you all. I am not sure of time, of days, of nights.
I do not plan to sleep, mother plans my sleep.
Do not make me afraid for I am innocence
Touch me not, for I am innocence.
Yet I know not what that means.

I am joy, that’s what I live to be.
I am happiness for I am free,for I know no other way.
I see you, why can you big people not see me?
I am called innocence, yet I know not what that means.
Please, please do not hurt me, for I am innocence.
I am.
Let me BE. ∞

Credits: poem © justme; Image © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved

I do not know !

How important are we? The small, the tiny, that which is minuscule among things. Like pebbles on a beach, a never ending beach of thoughts, we grasp and grope, we long attachment, the very thing we claim to abhor, we despise.

Many billion stars light the universe, much larger than I, yet they do not shout or roar or fear, they just are.
They light the heavens that I might see, that I might dream, a dream of large, a dream of forever.

How dare you ask what the people think of you, how selfish are you who long to shield your ignorance, while you proclaim the ignorance of others.

Lay yourself upon the cross of life and proclaim to all, I do not know! I do not know!

Therefore how can I ever entertain fear, for fear like confidence is like the sand that cover the pebbles, a grimy, tiny, fallible friend, as am I.
I know not who you are and you know not to whom you listen, therefore be glad that I can listen and that I am here and so therefore, you must be here, too! ∞

Credit: writing © justme; Image © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved

Listen, listen

by justme

Ah, I feel you here, your solemn stare
Graveside dread fills your timeless moment
Many people, yet to you, no care
You knew this moment would come for you, or me.
Is it me who died or is it me, who’s free?
I am here.

Feel the peppered bites of  breeze upon your skin,
It is I.
I touch your skin with mine, that’s all
Let the rain drops caress your face
Let them merge with tears.
Let the blinding veil of man pull back,
or fall.
For I am here.
I am very near.

Close your eyes my love, for within a moments blink
I shall fill your heart with love, yet it shall cut you like a knife
Still, let it in.
I am the gap between the words, listen, listen!
I am the prayer, listen listen!
Hold not to me, for I hold you, without, within.
For I am here.

Stay not with me, no need
To let me leave

This day is our day, to share,
to live, to breathe
For I am your breath.
Look beyond the eyes of a smaller man
I am not within this wooden prison
You know you did not see me.
Yet you know, you feel, I am here
It is only if you do not trust me
It is this I fear,
yet not.
For I know my love, for sure,
I am here.

Life whispered to me once upon a time
I will not leave you, I will be with you,
even unto the end of time.
Breathe my love that life might stay with me.

Breathe with me, for I am here. ∞

Credits: poem © justme; Image © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved



by justme

Have you fire my friend?
Do the lashing flames tear the flesh of obstinate men?
Do the curves and flicks, lick the calming lips of,
blessed men?
Does the fire of true memory, companion with light,
to chase darkness away?
Or do you subtly, slowly, seductively
convince it of its nothingness?

Do you envelope the frosting, shaking child, with glowing warmness
that protrudes and devours that  icy, lifeless cold
To replace it with chocolate tinker belles
Releasing lavender droplets
and sunset rolls.
Accepting nothing less
But a glowing fest
Of love.

Do you roar from the heavens?
“I am that which is brave, I drag my fear, kicking and screaming until it relents,
For I am the master of fear and fear shall never be my master”

Do you whisper to the wind?
“I am love and though love leaves me I shall always await it’s return
for love and I long for each other, we are as rain and the river”
Do you stand above the mountain top and spreading your arms wide shout
“I am as the sun, I emit my everything to you my flesh and blood,
I throw my coloured cloak of kindness to you, that you may suffocate with warmth of my hallowed heart”
If you can do this,
my child,
You have fire!

Credits: poem © justme; Image: © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved


When darkness came

by justme 

And then darkness came
My heart it shrunk, my lips they dried
Eerie silence filled this heart
I watched the people pass, far away
No one close, no one near,
No one to save this heart from fear.

Should I run, or should I move
I froze upon the stage.
I could not see. I could not hear.
Expectancy of death filled my fear.

Then silently from my cornered eye
A flitting star she seen me cry.
I looked at her yet could not move
She bobbed and flashed yet soon did sooth.

Oh distant star why leave me here.
Amongst  the land of mans own fear.
Throw your rope upon this earth
Steal me from this human birth

Silence closed this mans own eyes
Fear it left with surrendered sighs
Tears they rolled, not for fear
Because a star had noticed….
Justme is here.

Poem: © justme; Image: © Catrinphoto; All rights reserved

From fear to faith


Quote gelbWithin that which you call fear is your faith.No words can penetrate the mortal man.It is in the silence of beingness that the mist disperses and the light of truth appears. I tell you not to leave your lives but to see them with a new pair of eyes. I ask you not to give up that which you call possessions but to understand they are lifes gifts and no man owns them, it is when you grasp them most that they slip from your grip.Do not leave your friends or family for their actions are there to help you to lead you and their inaction is there to teach you.

Do not give your life for a promise but give for the sake of giving and accept the worst but expect the best for it is in this expectancy of faith that life will reveal itself to all.

Life is not found in the intricate but in the simple.

Credits: Writing © just me; Image: CatrinPhoto