A chapbook is a small booklet or pamphlet containing poems or stories. They have a long history and have been an important medium for the dissemination of popular culture to common people. Chapbooks are usually printed on a single page of paper and then folded into books of 8,16 or 24 pages, often illustrated with simple woodcuts.

On this page you can download chapbooks of the site’s poems and photos. Please make sure your printer’s setting allows for filling out the whole page (no frame) – otherwise you need to cut along the margin before folding.

This short video is giving you instructions how to fold an 8-page chapbook from a single piece of paper

And here is our first chapbook

Essence of light (Click on the picture to open the pdf for printing – be patient, it is a high quality pdf file)

Please comment, feedback or share your experiences and wishes. If we see that  these type of booklets are in demand, we may actually produce some ( highest print quality, paper, hand bound)  to have them shipped to you.

So just let us know….


And here is chapbook No 2 ” He prays” (Click on the picture for the pdf)

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