Stay with me

by justme

Love me, like I love you.
Touch me with all thats true.
For the night is dark and cold and still is the air.
Will you just stand, look upon me and stare?
I am just the same as you.
A roaring lion but underneath a shrew.

I only play dead that you might see
The true humanity within justme

I asked dear god to save you so
I prayed the prayer only martyrs know
Still they came and stole you away
The enlightened book proved no sway.

So all was gone and your breast was pierced
An intruder there within the grail
Children cried and yet forgot
Yet you mother, guarded from the cot.

They say yesterday is but a simple dream
Yet here is the place you and I have been
Let no man shout about what I have not
Unless they seen you, spoke to you or seen your lot.
Let heaven or hell or the clouds fall in
For a kiss from you I would commit all sin.

Stay with me just a little while for the night draws dark and soon sleep shall come.
As eyelids close, vagueness falls, the picture evaporates…
and nothings left to understand, at all.

Stay with me just a little while
Hold me tight as I recoil. For cold is the night and all is lost ∞

Credits: poem @ justme; Image @ CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved



by justme

Have you fire my friend?
Do the lashing flames tear the flesh of obstinate men?
Do the curves and flicks, lick the calming lips of,
blessed men?
Does the fire of true memory, companion with light,
to chase darkness away?
Or do you subtly, slowly, seductively
convince it of its nothingness?

Do you envelope the frosting, shaking child, with glowing warmness
that protrudes and devours that  icy, lifeless cold
To replace it with chocolate tinker belles
Releasing lavender droplets
and sunset rolls.
Accepting nothing less
But a glowing fest
Of love.

Do you roar from the heavens?
“I am that which is brave, I drag my fear, kicking and screaming until it relents,
For I am the master of fear and fear shall never be my master”

Do you whisper to the wind?
“I am love and though love leaves me I shall always await it’s return
for love and I long for each other, we are as rain and the river”
Do you stand above the mountain top and spreading your arms wide shout
“I am as the sun, I emit my everything to you my flesh and blood,
I throw my coloured cloak of kindness to you, that you may suffocate with warmth of my hallowed heart”
If you can do this,
my child,
You have fire!

Credits: poem © justme; Image: © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved



by justme 

A moment filled, the unfulfilled
As blood boiled hot, and skin tingles, thrilled
Longing led, to a swallowing deep kiss
A moment Destiny, would never miss

The earth and moon and stars
Called halt to movement,
As the world stopped spinning
For a tiny moment.
The rivers held, as in photography
The rain it stopped, drained out the sea
A perfect moment of sweet innocence
Spun from Gods mastered

As this loving moment came
So too, it shall pass
For Perfect came and went, so fast
Held forever as a glorious memory
Floating the ether, wild and free
First heaven from hell
Love blossomed
then love

Credits: poem © justme; Image: © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved

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In the land of Tir na Og


Once upon a time in the land of tir na og
Where luscious strawberries beam
and scrumptious apples grow.
Where a dizzy stream does stroll
while lazy, giddy jackdaws crow.
The sun it dripped and painted
heated heather gold.

Rising from its bed
a chorus of a million tongues
With a morning inhale and to fill their welcome lungs
An orchestra from heaven
announced another day
As the flowers exploded in unison,
their own unique bouquet.

Whistling and burrowing,
Jumping and scurrying
Washing and drying,
Singing and crying
Running and crawling,
Whispering and bawling
Ducking and hiding,
Playing and fighting
Swimming and grooming,
Growing and blooming

What an exhaustive, busy, perfect day.
How could you ever want it, any other way?

Tír na nÓg ([tʲiːɾˠ n̪ˠə ˈn̪ˠoːɡ]; Old Irish: Tír inna n-Óc “The Land of the Young”) is the most popular of the Otherworlds in Irish mythology.

@ cmc; All rights reserved