Freedom in Beauty

Freedom in beauty
Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.  – Rumi



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Horizon sharp but far away
Hidden hopes upon a bay
Guile and guide, but not this time
The stillness holds this moments rhyme
Captured neath a man held shape
    A sandy shower is its golden drape
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Love in Silence



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Embrace of silence

Embrace of silence

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Liberation is not the formation of words or rhetoric but the embracing of silence. That perfect silence, so available it is ignored for its dullness of being. Yet grab its breath, hold it hand and fill thy souls, for simple is as simple needs and simple sacrifice, stands and bleeds. Simple sits so wild and free, yet simple cares, yes it cares, so silently.


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It is…

in loving

Not so long ago, I gave these words to a woman who complained about her husband. He would not do this, he would not do that and all in all he was just self-absorbed, egotistical and unable to attend to her needs.  The question I asked her to contemplate:

” Do you treat him the way you expect him to treat you ?”

She turned around….

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Inspiration in Images


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Cant you hearCover

A silent, deep place


A silent, deep place

Who am I ?

Cant you hear


Quote gelbCan’t you hear it? Can’t you see ? 
It is the silent, the quiet in me.

This quote is based on the ” A little prayer” by justme

Like a memory

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Like a memory being recalled, a memory of peaceful, fulfilled existence



…she slips home

From a soul that must

This postcard is based on the poem-prayer: “From a soul that must ” by justme.