This hidden thing



Quote gelbThere is that hidden thing, can you feel it ? Yet feel is not the right word, no, can you see it?. No, that’s not the right word either. There is a thing, a known thing, yet known without a formed and proven emotion. It sits not in your gut, it cannot be grasped, it cannot be curtailed, it cannot be saved. What is this hidden most elusive thing?

It is a hope, a dream an imagination and it could not be formed unless you chose it so !  Search forever, you search in vain.



Live with Love


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The wind picks up the leaf


quotation rotThe wind picks up the leaf along the way, sometimes the experience is turbulent, furious and violent, yet the same wind can lift the same leaf and gently, softly, kindly, lead it on a dreamy dance, of love.
Blame not the wind, fault not the leaf, for everything is as it should be and the leaf will land exactly as to is its destiny, which was an idea, once whispered gently to the wind and set forth, once formed and sewn with sinew through the vibrating yet withering veins of the little leaf.

Shout as you might but your shouts are not louder than the wind. Be moralistic then but still your morals smash and crash upon the rocks of illusion, maybe not this day. Shock as you try, yours are as a resemblance of a spark fighting against a crackling storm. Preach as the teacher and your elegant quill shall someday be recalled upon by its fated owner, though that will be upon a darker, restless hour.

Many have eyes but few can see.

Credits: writing  ©justme; Image @CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved

From a soul that must

by justme

Our father where are you? Who are you ? Who am I?
I have spat words and words, added opinion until I cry.
I have pursued things and people, selfish, imaginary wealth.
I have believed I was the orchestrator,
the giver and taker of health.
I have ignored the call and fall from birth to tomb
Whoever, whatever you are?
I fall silent.
I have ran out of room!

Floating ember fairy lights pin up the sky

While, shooting falling teardrops, break up and cry

to spread across a black hallowed darkness of empty space

And flash a vast peaceful picture,through almighty grace.

Tiny human, looks on, as a slight, delicate, speck of dust

yet releases a powerful silent whisper, from a soul that must,

Find it’s place within this vastness of all things unknown,

Just a human and this thing called universe, innocently, quietly, all alone.

She falls silent

and gently, beautifully, she slips home.

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Credits:poem-prayer©justme; Image©CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved;

Take me home

by justme

Silent river run your stream
Teach me now of all unseen.
Silent river going where?
You weave and dance without a care.

Silent river like a pain ignored
A crutch attached,human man ignored.
Silent river, not so silent now.
Where or when or if or how.

Silent river filled with dreams.
Teasing, tempting is what it seams.
Your going where? Please let us know.
Men don’t know,yet the babble flows.

Silent river please take me home.
To the land were mothers angels roam
And I shall rest and deeply sleep
To dream of past and my secrets keep.

Silent river now I shall die.
I shall never know if you will so cry.
But silent river you shall carry me on.
Until you stop where I belong.

Silent river my fathers here.
The sound of time, no longer near.
Silent river wash my hand

…..and lay me gently, upon the silent land. ∞

Credits: Poem ©justme; Image © Michaela; All rights reserved

Father, creator of everything

by justme

Father, creator of everything, thank you for this moment, this precious only moment.
Father forgive me for I have been lost in another moment, a moment created in my mind.
Father only forgive me as I understand the other, who also lives within his mind and it is only through me recognising the same that my sins are forgiven and I can get up and walk.
Father let me not indulge upon my moment but rather observe the true moment and perhaps also see the play of the mind, the game, the illusion.
Father there is only one day.
There is no other.
Father it is through gratitude that I shall learn humility.
Father it is through humility I shall learn service.
Father it is through service shall I see my fellow man.
Father it is though seeing my fellow man I shall see myself.
Father it I through seeing myself I shall see you.
Father it is through seeing you I shall see nothing separate from you.
Father through seeing nothing seperate shall I live forever.


Credits:poem-prayer©justme; Image:Catrinphoto; All rights reserved.



The dream of life

by justme

My dream is the dream of life
Found in death, freed by death
A sorrowful thing am I.
I sit upon the tree alone, it’s branches tremble not, for it is I who shivers
My shaking wakes the earth, no other birds will sit with me, the onlooker, the gazer of things.
My song the song of my forefathers, breathes life, calls death, a waiting thing am I
Alone, so very alone.
Yet to my silent tune the clouds they dance, they cry, they move.
To my silent dance we hold each other and smile and weep for a lost tomorrow
Somewhere within the space between the stars, held within the moment is my place.
A perfect place, a quiet place, where I belong
where I am real   

Credits: poem © justme; Image© CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved



Silent moment

by justme

Silent moment kiss my face, perfect moment perfect place.
Silent second steal away, gentle breath warm I pray.
God is with us, God is here, quiet Father always near.
Spirit souls on our way, another challenge to fill this day.
Trembling hearts behind the scene, lets us know, we all have been
to a place we hide, from all,
a secret cave of hurt and fall.
Yet get ye off your swollen knees, chase your chains with thoughts that frees
For the mighty are mighty when we are on the ground
The king is king in kingdoms he found.
The great are great while man kneels and lies
Come my brother,
come let us rise !

Credits: poem ©justme; Image © CatrinPhoto; all rights reserved


by justme

It is not you who rises from the bed.
It was not you who stumbled upon the truth.
It will not be you who dies a hero’s death.
For you are a thing of beauty, no bed has touched, no thought has held, no death shall call.
Oh childless thing, partner of the living breath.
That thy breath may hold the sharpness of the moment.
That thy eye may catch the glimmer of this moment.
This moment, this perfect moment… filled with one million moments and then some more..
You that once was that child, so longed for.
Pray with me, you little thing.

Cedits: poem © justme; Image © CatrinPhoto; all rights reserved

The moon

by justme

As ancients seen, so do I
A throbbing light, a painted globe
Upon a pinpricked sparkled sky
Suspended in the nothingness of black.
Always there, poetic universal rhyme
Dangling upon an invisible track
Of timeNo man has more monument or shrine
Still, you do not speak, or smirk, for thine,
calmly, gently, slip thy turn
Though you speed at thousands
No mass thou burn.
To me.So say man, so say the stumbling blinded child
From ancient Babylonia and Sinn, the wild
Danu, Rig Veda, all true. And the snaking Danube.
Why oh moon, do they all honour you?Yet still, you do not speak.

Should man hold tongue and learn your ways?
Of course you see the madness, of the groping human days.
I have never seen your sadness.
Though I felt my own,
in so many different ways.

Lunatic you said, lunatic he made.
King Lycaeon loves to hate you, too.
Your full of awe and moving, magical mystique
Still I watch, yet still great moon,
you do not speak

Oh to have your silence, to thunder your roar
Of watched human woes
Yet to dance as you dance,
with arrogance of one who knows.

Yet from here, you look so small
I could grab you and squash you in my palm
With no difficulty at all.
And yet,
You never look like you will ever fall.

I love you.
Yet I do not know you.
Yet you have watched us all.
The Good, the bad, the humble, the weak.
Yet sweet moon,
You never speak,
at all.

Credits: Poem © just me; Image © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved