Colour of love

By justme 

What colour is the sun my friend ?
I feel its warming glow surround and comfort me.
I feel its heat wrap around me .I feel its love. Yet sometimes it loves too much.
If I were not blind I would know if what I see is true.
That I am sad to say will never come true.
For I am a man born without eyes.
And in my heart are endless cries.
To know.

What colour is the wind my friend?
Is it the colour you call orange and blue?
Its cold sharpness stings my skin,
Yet sometimes it is my welcome guest,
When the sun fires me with its summer dress.
What colour are these fields of grass?
To you its simple but to me alas,
its colour is of no significance
But sweet soft lushness holds its magnificence.

What colour is your eyes my love?
Your hair and dress and loveliness’
It’s an intriguing story of which I guess.
But love you tell me, holds no colour. We are equal.
Love is all the colours and yet is none.
It holds the sun and wind and rain.
It is everything in the universe and yet just one.

Let me then forget the colours and live with love,
That we may meet at a single place.
Let me feel and touch your face, with love.
For love is all I need, and you,
love is all you need, too.

justme just loving
I thought I lacked a pair of eyes
When all I lacked was to be wise.
Credits: poem © justme; Image: © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved

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