The greatest treasure

Seek not the farther good, seek not that which seems beyond the pale, but rather look for your joy within your brothers heart, for it is in the heart of your neighbour lies the greatest treasure. It is in the laughter of your chat and the babble of your children, in the rush of the morning and at the busy breakfast table you shall find your joy

and he continued:

many have sought in the clouds or sought peace in another, but few have entered the silent place, few have understood they cannot see because the universe has chose it so, let you not be like them, let you when you hear the words – this is wrong, this is right, let you know that every right and every wrong is but only wrong or right for you. 

When confusion lifts her bedraggled head let your heart and mind and soul cry out, I dont know! Then the universe shall lift you and holding you close and gently stroking your head it shall rock you to sleep, and you will wish to know no more.

Credit: writing © justme; Image@ CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved

I am innocence

by justme

I am innocence, yet I know not what that is.
I see the shapes and colours of the flowers, the trees, the butterfly.
I am innocence, yet I know not what that means.
Can you not see what I see? You are taller than I.
Can you not see much more than me?

I am innocence yet I know not what that is.
I see you all. I am not sure of time, of days, of nights.
I do not plan to sleep, mother plans my sleep.
Do not make me afraid for I am innocence
Touch me not, for I am innocence.
Yet I know not what that means.

I am joy, that’s what I live to be.
I am happiness for I am free,for I know no other way.
I see you, why can you big people not see me?
I am called innocence, yet I know not what that means.
Please, please do not hurt me, for I am innocence.
I am.
Let me BE. ∞

Credits: poem © justme; Image © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved

The dream of life

by justme

My dream is the dream of life
Found in death, freed by death
A sorrowful thing am I.
I sit upon the tree alone, it’s branches tremble not, for it is I who shivers
My shaking wakes the earth, no other birds will sit with me, the onlooker, the gazer of things.
My song the song of my forefathers, breathes life, calls death, a waiting thing am I
Alone, so very alone.
Yet to my silent tune the clouds they dance, they cry, they move.
To my silent dance we hold each other and smile and weep for a lost tomorrow
Somewhere within the space between the stars, held within the moment is my place.
A perfect place, a quiet place, where I belong
where I am real   

Credits: poem © justme; Image© CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved



Silent tear

A meditation….

The quote based on the fragment poem "Silent Tear" by justme
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