by justme 

The conscious man meets….

Blessed be you who do not know
trembling with awe
and humbly you go
Let it be done onto me you say
for there is only now ,
only this day

No riches can fulfil
no tongue can command
silence is your name
unimportant is your brand

Happy to come, happy to go
unexplosive you
like xray glasses
you see ,you see
whats true

In a crowded room unrecognised
the interrogators come
with babble and bash they leave no gap
perfect ,wordly glum

Listening, listening listening
no opinion you
happy to stay, happy to go
then a question come and they dont know
They schooled to perfection, but not to grow

Confident , quietness your lips do move
a sound appears above the noise
a look of recognition and remembering
a little gap and breath,
so wise

clothes and skin and bone and blood
is no protection
piercing deep your voice is heard
pumping heart and repeated words
no comment they preferred

I see I in a crowded room
a million words wasted in gloom
brothers recognised by true words
not from shouting or sentenced absurds

With ease you walk from the room
Widened path
they step aside
A master of all within a tomb
Radiance abound
from deep inside.

Conversations forgot when this day dies
Deeper memories will not subside
An ordinary man with no fame
Still ….
they will remember
And will never , ever
be the same ∞

Poem: © justme; Image: © Catrinphoto, All rights reserved

The pendulum of time

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I am Auctor


In a little chapel in Piemonte, Italy

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  Photos taken in Skanör, Sweden and in Cannes, France 

Music Sarabande, G. F. Handel  by Escala 

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