Can’t you hear it ?


by justme

Can’t you hear it? Can’t you see?
Can’t you feel it, flying free?
It’s on your finger tips, it touches your face, its in your hands, it leaves no trace.
It is the missing on the tip of your tongue, it began its life before yours had ever begun.
It is the silent, the quiet in you.
It is the strongest, that thing they call true.
So take just a moment and close both your eyes.
And from the silent, Gods grace will arise.∞

Credits: poem©justme; Image @ CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved

Black Cats

There is no other


Quote gelbDoes the perfect relationship come from the unity of all things, is the struggle of humanity to find consolation within relationships a cry for the perfect, a desire for the unseen, the human scene merely an imperfect circle reflecting upon a perfect spiritual being, already connected to everyone, so connected there is no other, just one?

Credits: writing: ©justme; Image © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved

Thy kingdom is

Our father, mother God
That which is everything.
Give to us this holy day, for there is no other, day.
Thy kingdom is. Thy kingdom always has been.
Thy will be done, for I do not know or understand.
I was born blind and cannot see.
Give to us our daily bread, for besides you the giver there is no other.
I know you need not forgive our shortcomings for you know not the same.
As master of all and that which makes me breathe and walk and talk, you could never lead me to temptation.
You are love and love is the natural in between.
Thank you Father. 

The image shows an epitaph on the South wall of St Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna – on a sunny winter day.

Credits: Prayer © Justme; Image © Marille