These simple moments

by justme 

Once upon a deeper night in the land of hushabye
An angel met an angel and together they did cry.
They cried upon a perfect moment, but never would it come
They cried upon a stopping silence, that ne’re again would run

For moments come and moments go, that you and I, know true
Moments kept and moments lost, no moment, can we renew
For such things are written in our hearts, and shaped in tempered gold
They rise within an instant, they are held within our soul.

They travel with us from birth to death, their path it is not loud.
They never speak, they never shout, they ignore the maddened crowd
They held their time in camps of death at Chelmno and Sobibor
At the place called Thermopylae, they held a reeling roar.

At the feet of Ghandi they did fall, and Madiba held their hand.
Connolly stretchered to their song, Annie Moore, to a new land.
They echo at the French Bastille and when Lincoln honoured Ross
They were seated neath the Bohdi tree and upon a Roman cross.

They are that which we could miss so quick, they happen oh so fast
They never seem so important, we know they’ll never last.
Yet it is these moments, these simple moments, which are separate from mans time.
No fingers touch, no space can catch, this moment, called sublime.

They live the lakes,
They grow the fields,
They hold the moon, the stars, the sun.
They are the perfect moments, when you and I are one.∞


Credits: poem © justme; Image © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved.

You and I are One

Read by the author; Music: Lullaby for Cain (Sinead O'Connor)

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Melt me, merge me…

Catrin took this picture flying across the Dolomites in September 2010. Justme wrote his poem in Ireland, July 2011. All images and poems have a story attached to them. The exciting part is the merging of two moments into one – or have they ever been apart ?

By Justme

Why cry for you?
When you could cry for me?
Tender tappings upon a heart
Lend no ear or care apart
From twangs of sad and pulls of cold.
Silent footsteps fulfil their goal.Lay me silent upon this hill
Let the rain of man dance and chill.
Melt me and merge me with this lady earth
Trickle me away where no man can search.Hide me neath the green costumed dress
Trample me down and with your weight do press
Let me disintegrate, let this body succumb
Then slice open the earth .
Let me fly back home.

Credits: Poem © Justme; Image © Catrinphoto. All rights reserved