The dancer’s dance

A dance qualified by fools, confirmed by scientific, intelligent creatures, by the majority sometimes, or by ‘common sense’. Common of the blinded, babbling, groping creature. Acclaimed by all except the silent fool, whose mantra holds only the words ‘ I know nothing,’ they dance with each other.

Yet they dance, the dancers dance.

Dance you on sweet children, distinguished dancers of a thickened heavy earth.
Dance you on, though you die upon the morow, your dying from the day that held your birth.
Bounce upon the strings that pull you here and too and sometimes slip you fro.
For the dance you dance, it is not yours, despite the pomp and charade of you who thinks they know.
The movement is not true, without the strings you cannot do, and so the illusion it simply grows and grows and grows.

With love from a dancer ∞

Credits: writing ©Justme; Image: ©CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved

Yet to my silent tune

  “Yet to my silent tune the clouds they move, they cry they dance.”

This quote is part of the poem-prayer ” the dream of life” by justme.

Credits: poem© justme; Image © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved


by justme

Come with me sweet children of life…
Dance the dance with all your might.
For the day is closing and soon will be the night.
The earth is slowing and you will still lose the fight.
Light your heart upon the stars, ballet dance from Earth to Mars.
Fill your body with the wine of life, leave thy troubles, plagues and strife.

Come and fly in the golden light my child, that fears nor denies the coming night, run wild.
Close your eyes and die in me,
surrender yourself,
let thy wings fall free.

For I shall hold you in my arms, I shall protect from all that harms.
For am I am the blood from whence you came,
I am the player within your game.

Credits: poem © justme; Image © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved



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Touch your dream

By justme

Close your eyes for dreams
For all is not as it seems
The imagined clock stands true
The silence roars to you.
Feel the beat of heart
before the dream will start
Touch your dreams with mine
Feel the dance of rhyme
Then slowly settle down
Let silence be your crown.
Then breathe as if your last
No more future, no more past.
Then slip your hand in mine
Our song it moves with time.
Let your dance be one of joy.
Of a lady and a boy.
Who dared to dream their dream.
To drift upon a mind less, endless stream.
Of love.

 Poem read by the author