The dream of life

by justme

My dream is the dream of life
Found in death, freed by death
A sorrowful thing am I.
I sit upon the tree alone, it’s branches tremble not, for it is I who shivers
My shaking wakes the earth, no other birds will sit with me, the onlooker, the gazer of things.
My song the song of my forefathers, breathes life, calls death, a waiting thing am I
Alone, so very alone.
Yet to my silent tune the clouds they dance, they cry, they move.
To my silent dance we hold each other and smile and weep for a lost tomorrow
Somewhere within the space between the stars, held within the moment is my place.
A perfect place, a quiet place, where I belong
where I am real   

Credits: poem © justme; Image© CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved



Essence of light

Essence of light
by justme 

Essence of light
Meandering beauty of a traveller
Stars align, nothing said
Moon reflect no thoughts
Aloneness but beauty.
No masquerade.

No clock of man
No wind nor rain
No eyes need see
No skin , no pain.

Space within, space without.
Whispering knowledge.
Million years reign.
Warmth and peace the content.
The veil appears.
I am born again.

Credits: poem © justme; Image: © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved;

Essence of light is also the title of the first just poems’ chapbook