Opposites must end

…and yet there is a moment, recalled at least once, by all, yet neglected within its time. A once upon a time moment, it’s fairy tale embedded drip, molten and attached anonymously upon our minds, stealthily impressed, secretly within our hearts.
The perfect moment when the guard was dropped, the care transcended, the need to explain left at doorway of opposites and in this moment, this beautiful perfect moment, we are reborn and will forever live again.

It is then having experienced our perfect moment, we understand the inexorable opposites are that whose existence must come to end.

Amen.  ∞

Credit: writing @justme; Image @ CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved


by justme

It is not you who rises from the bed.
It was not you who stumbled upon the truth.
It will not be you who dies a hero’s death.
For you are a thing of beauty, no bed has touched, no thought has held, no death shall call.
Oh childless thing, partner of the living breath.
That thy breath may hold the sharpness of the moment.
That thy eye may catch the glimmer of this moment.
This moment, this perfect moment… filled with one million moments and then some more..
You that once was that child, so longed for.
Pray with me, you little thing.

Cedits: poem © justme; Image © CatrinPhoto; all rights reserved