When darkness came

by justme 

And then darkness came
My heart it shrunk, my lips they dried
Eerie silence filled this heart
I watched the people pass, far away
No one close, no one near,
No one to save this heart from fear.

Should I run, or should I move
I froze upon the stage.
I could not see. I could not hear.
Expectancy of death filled my fear.

Then silently from my cornered eye
A flitting star she seen me cry.
I looked at her yet could not move
She bobbed and flashed yet soon did sooth.

Oh distant star why leave me here.
Amongst  the land of mans own fear.
Throw your rope upon this earth
Steal me from this human birth

Silence closed this mans own eyes
Fear it left with surrendered sighs
Tears they rolled, not for fear
Because a star had noticed….
Justme is here.

Poem: © justme; Image: © Catrinphoto; All rights reserved