I do not know !

How important are we? The small, the tiny, that which is minuscule among things. Like pebbles on a beach, a never ending beach of thoughts, we grasp and grope, we long attachment, the very thing we claim to abhor, we despise.

Many billion stars light the universe, much larger than I, yet they do not shout or roar or fear, they just are.
They light the heavens that I might see, that I might dream, a dream of large, a dream of forever.

How dare you ask what the people think of you, how selfish are you who long to shield your ignorance, while you proclaim the ignorance of others.

Lay yourself upon the cross of life and proclaim to all, I do not know! I do not know!

Therefore how can I ever entertain fear, for fear like confidence is like the sand that cover the pebbles, a grimy, tiny, fallible friend, as am I.
I know not who you are and you know not to whom you listen, therefore be glad that I can listen and that I am here and so therefore, you must be here, too! ∞

Credit: writing © justme; Image © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved

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