Misty white flotilla floats the sky
Throbbing sun make dandelions heads lilt, while  their seeds await a gusty cry
Or a passing child, in whose blowing wish,
both futures lie.
Startled starlings sweep and rush and prance
with blackened silhouetted bodies, they dive and kick their dance.

Sweeping, glaring, transcendence hums,
From nowhere.
From somewhere.
Resistance soon,
Skinny slowing streams, remain from once upon a flood
Sucked and bled and drank and fed
The earths body
it too, needs it’s own life blood.
While shiny slimy beady eye frogs, make footprints
in the drying skinning mud.

Stone still hares, still can’t hide their musty mess
From a daylight reluctant, fox’s, stuck up nose, which points progress.
Golden nectar drips the glut of hungry bees
from pink and purple thistles with thorny hairy knees
which holds no barrier, or lock against the floating tender touch
of magnificent skippers and swallowtails as they probe and lick and suck.

A picture painting never will complete.
From soaring eagle to dormouse tiny feet.
No mans invention or false progress will ever create or see.
The glorious summer day available
For us and them,
to you,
from justme.

Credits: © cmc; All rights reserved

The rain

The Rain
by justme 

The clouds they sang as if in pain.
A human child then felt the rain.
Water and being for the first time met
The boy announced ‘I am wet’

Tall people busy about their day
Umbrellas pop, splash and spray
For a smiling boy time falls still
Tickling taps on his face that thrill

Head moves down then fully up
Mouth wide open, he is now a cup
Reddened cheeks, one eye squeezed
Arms outstretched cold yet pleased.

Heart with excitement and joy so great
Droplets of water shoot to their fate.
The heavens and a child sweetly embrace
He gives his time, they wash his face

Jumper sparkles from drops that cling
A boy and life just sway and swing.
An adult shout calls all to a STOP!
Child pulled away and arms just flop

Time then whizzes, speeds and brags
Noise again booms, shrieks and drags.
Gutters and shutters, taxis and trucks
People and pigeons and bread gobbling ducks

An adult holds tight, a little boy’s hand
Pulls him along to something pre-planned.
Hoping and groping to find a way home.
Billions of humans within their glass dome.

If ever the books and the searching has stopped
If all these things can be daringly dropped
If you decide, to disperse all the pain.
Remember a child who just stood in the rain.

Poem: © justme; Image: © Catrinphoto, All rights reserved

The Wind

By justme

Silence and stillness fills the air
The things of earth, prepare.
Expectancy the hidden chant as bombing single drops of cloud
Signals and lays the path like a blackened, darkening shroud.
Enveloping the land like an umbrella shading the sun.
Day becomes night, no escape the moment,
the wind it shall come.

Stampeding howl roars through resistant fighting trees
Which bend like the archers bow before it frees,
Yet long for a prouder straighter stance do they.
Yet like the worshipped before their idol, they humbly pray,
in respect of a greater, more powerful one,
than they.

Shivering, flickering leaves rattle and quiver in it’s ferocious wake.
Their tiny stems grip their stronger brother branch, and quake.
He shudders, whips and bends but holds firm the master trunk.
Who’s very sturdiness and resistance, could leave them all defunct.

Some leaves succumb the battering remorseless thrash
and go hurtling and swirling and diving to finally, inevitably, crash
and await tomorrow a rotting silent death.
In rumps and stench of their withering, soggy, brothers breath,
Tempting the sliming worms to draw them to a darkened eerie place, far from the elevated godly heights where they danced a  happy song,
with grace.

Others move and twist and turn upon the winds request
They fight that the sun tomorrow may shine once again and heat their gorging face, they fight that they may live, to be their best.
They fight so they might give.
It is a futile fight,
The fight to live.

For all shall take and all shall give, as all shall return that which has been taken, that they might live.
And to the earth, the ground, the dirt, shall all things be drawn,
To wait a moments breath,
until  the moment of a new day, a brighter,
better dawn
When all things shall once more,

live again.

Credits: Poem © justme; Image © Catrinphoto


by justme

Distance thunder thumps and kicks

Heavens lights flash with golden flicks

Bubbling clouds with black-laced trim

Gurgle and sponge as the earth grows dim.

Ears and eyes feel a gap between

Ambient universe speaks of that not seen.

Darkened shadow creeps quietly along

Willow warbler withdraws its summer song

Planets creatures flirt an eye to the sky

Human child looks and wonders why.

Half topped pond sits silently agape

Blossoming trees await their rape.

Long end grass wilts and bends

Anticipation for all heaven sends.

Crashing darts of a crying cloud

Matches the tremble and devils shroud

Suppressed power will unleash a gale

Canopies of trees bloat as a wind filled sail

Resistance useless as earth succumbs

Whistling telegraph wire shivers and hums

Wandering seagulls flow for cover

Orbing microcosm,

Orbed by our own earth mother.

Credits: Poem© justme; Image: © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved


“Oh sweet flower, sweet flowing flower
The bee he searches for your golden juice
Through the master’s own pulled strings, and so many hidden things,
You’r the best that perfect ever could produce”

This quote is taken from the poem “Beautiful Flower” by justme. It is also available as a Folding Card to print and enjoy.

Credits: poem © justme; Image: CatrinPhoto: All rights reserved


“Within any given moment is hidden the pure potentiality of grace. Within any arising of grace lies the potentiality of perfect stillness. Within the omnipotence of stillness lies the potentiality of truth, all held within the perfect moment.
Every moment therefore must carry truth and therefore no moment is ever lost except to the idea of moment itself.”
Credit: Writing: © justme; Image © CatrinPhoto

The rain

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Beautiful flower

by justme

Oh beautiful flower, the loneliest flower
No one sees your timid, curtailed dance
Though a swan feathered trim and sun mirrored skin
You don’t catch a strangers passing glance.

Oh dancing daisy, sweet little daisy
No one sees your sighing bending grace
Through a swallowed half shade stem, life guards, life’s own gem
And grew it in this green and perfect place.

Oh midnight flower, the quiet flower
No one shines a light, or warms the ground.
Through closed petals, you do pray, but never would you say
For a better place for you, could ne’er be found.

Oh sweet flower, sweet flowing flower
The bee he searches for your golden juice
Through the masters own pulled strings, and so many hidden things
Your the best that perfect ever could produce

Oh silent flower, majestic flower
Your a giant in a world of tiny men
Through silence and subdue and by forever holding true
You are lesson to the noisy and insane


Find the Flower Folding Card here

Read by the author
Credits: poem © justme; Image © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved.