Misty white flotilla floats the sky
Throbbing sun make dandelions heads lilt, while  their seeds await a gusty cry
Or a passing child, in whose blowing wish,
both futures lie.
Startled starlings sweep and rush and prance
with blackened silhouetted bodies, they dive and kick their dance.

Sweeping, glaring, transcendence hums,
From nowhere.
From somewhere.
Resistance soon,
Skinny slowing streams, remain from once upon a flood
Sucked and bled and drank and fed
The earths body
it too, needs it’s own life blood.
While shiny slimy beady eye frogs, make footprints
in the drying skinning mud.

Stone still hares, still can’t hide their musty mess
From a daylight reluctant, fox’s, stuck up nose, which points progress.
Golden nectar drips the glut of hungry bees
from pink and purple thistles with thorny hairy knees
which holds no barrier, or lock against the floating tender touch
of magnificent skippers and swallowtails as they probe and lick and suck.

A picture painting never will complete.
From soaring eagle to dormouse tiny feet.
No mans invention or false progress will ever create or see.
The glorious summer day available
For us and them,
to you,
from justme.

Credits: © cmc; All rights reserved

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