Beautiful flower

by justme

Oh beautiful flower, the loneliest flower
No one sees your timid, curtailed dance
Though a swan feathered trim and sun mirrored skin
You don’t catch a strangers passing glance.

Oh dancing daisy, sweet little daisy
No one sees your sighing bending grace
Through a swallowed half shade stem, life guards, life’s own gem
And grew it in this green and perfect place.

Oh midnight flower, the quiet flower
No one shines a light, or warms the ground.
Through closed petals, you do pray, but never would you say
For a better place for you, could ne’er be found.

Oh sweet flower, sweet flowing flower
The bee he searches for your golden juice
Through the masters own pulled strings, and so many hidden things
Your the best that perfect ever could produce

Oh silent flower, majestic flower
Your a giant in a world of tiny men
Through silence and subdue and by forever holding true
You are lesson to the noisy and insane


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Read by the author
Credits: poem © justme; Image © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved.