I am Auctor

In a little chapel in Piemonte, Italy

by justme 

I am Auctor, I am older than the galaxy.
I am older than the old man of the universe.
To my sons and daughters,
Re and Horus are like babes,
thrashing tadpoles within a dome,
blinded offspring ,that, if they could see,
they could just see, a world within a world, within a world.
My footstone at present is the moon
As I look upon you.

With swirling white upon your cap
Whisked and tailed to me the seductive blue and green
Perfect lines compliment the butchered gap
that cross your crust.
Ah it was just a little while ago
From my heaven I watched the show.
As my children grabbed and played
with crystal of Ziron.

I seen how you as gas and dust gathered and contracted.
Your introduction was perfect,
as you dance.
Colliding with others to create a bigger mass
I watch the silicate rise
I looked at your time pass
And you baked your crust with pleasure, as your water appeared
And the atmosphere, ah, what a good idea.
Just a day ago, just a day ago to me.

Your beating heart of red clay drew me close
I exhaled as you formed but with no strength upon your spine.
Until a little later
For six hundred million years you say
To me, just another day
I watched you grow your garden
so perfect, everything just right.
Then these tiny beasts you formed in anticipation of,
The children of light..

Then yesterday as you say,
Less than three million years ago you came from hiding
To take a place in the play
And I was glad. I was so glad that day.

First with stump and bone from birth.
And then this very morning I watched as you made machine,
from the very formation under the performer’s earth
Powerful as any beast you kept their part in check
You copied the birds as the curtain opened and then filled your imaginary space
With rush and stress.

I felt it all.
As this pendulum you swung.
Oh to applause first Melchizedek and Ra on fine performances
They knew I watched. They knew I listened.
Ah tomorrow
I know you will fly
Then the play will continue
No more you will cry.
But you will come to me,
we shall watch the play together

Speak no more of size and number.
One hundred billion stars you say!
In this place you call your milky way.
I will show you 100 billion galaxies,
four worlds and then you shall really,
be at play.

Now you are a newborn it will not be long,
until you reach
The place where by you will command
not only the very stars and moons but galaxies
and not one word shall you preach
And you will know they are as tiny as you
as large as your imagination.
You will be glad.

I am Auctor, I am older than the galaxy.
I am older than the old man of the universe
I know you don’t understand yet these things
In a little while you shall all be kings
And yet just one!

To watch you sleep and now awake
I will kneel to you my child, my blood , my spirit.
For our sake.

I am Auctor, I am older than the galaxy.
I am older than the old man of the universe.
I am Auctor , I am older than time and you master
are older than I.

Poem © justme; Image CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved

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