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Die in me


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Come with me-Cover

Perfect reflection


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Perfect reflection Cover

When there is nothing to say



This hidden thing



Quote gelbThere is that hidden thing, can you feel it ? Yet feel is not the right word, no, can you see it?. No, that’s not the right word either. There is a thing, a known thing, yet known without a formed and proven emotion. It sits not in your gut, it cannot be grasped, it cannot be curtailed, it cannot be saved. What is this hidden most elusive thing?

It is a hope, a dream an imagination and it could not be formed unless you chose it so !  Search forever, you search in vain.



The Idea of Perfect (Quote)


The idea of perfect

Quote gelb

Perfect is that thing that life promises, that ideas derive from and that imagination sets. Although humans touch it through idea and imagining they cannot recreate it. A pefect circle when re created is always flawed, the idea is not.

The Wind (Quote)


The Wind

And fear shall be no more (Prayer)


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And fear will be no more

This prayer is part of a compilation ” FROM A SOUL THAT MUST”

A silent, deep place


A silent, deep place

The dream of life (prayer)


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The dream of life cover

Freedom in a world of opposites


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