“Music is the reflection of that perfect note called space. Timing is that beautiful space which just got larger. Beholder is that beautiful moment when sound, space and that which seems like timing combine to create the song of my life and yours, while we look on.”

3 different ideas of perfection while we look on  – so pick one and just listen ….

Audio 1: Fields of Athenry by the Irish Tenors

Audio 2: Corner by Jai Uttal and the Pagan Love Orchestra

Audio 3: Adagietto from the symphony No 5 by G Mahler
Writings: © justme Dec 01, 2011
Image: © CatrinPhoto; Beach huts in Skanör; South Sweden, Jan 2012

A tiny voice whispers…

Within the rush of life, in the corner of your mind, your eye – you sense the moon, the stars. Those mysterious flickers you ignore because your busy. Yet within the thought is your habit, all you have claimed your own, pushing you north, yet, west of you silently, quietly, unassuming, the space it calls you, through pinholes it, like a god bursting flare it pierces that part of you which you disregard, yet somewhere within that ignoring, within the hustle and bustle and knowing and growing a tiny voice whispers, ‘look at me, you who search the perfect, for I am indeed the perfect yet you will not look, you refuse to turn your eye’.

For you are blind. The blind leading the blind.

Can you see and yet be blind ?
Writings © Justme; Image © Catrinphoto; Reflection © Michaela; 
All rights reserved