by justme

Haunted houses and party pranks
Ghouls and ghosts among the ranks
Startled spirits and kids unknown
Bang the door and then they run.

Tiny people made to scare
Knock the door then stand and stare
‘trick or treat’ please if you will
Excited eyes await their thrill

Bursting rockets light up the sky
Flashing colour way up high
Cats stay low, dogs go hide
Eerie echoes were witches ride.

Autumns here and so to this night
Blood and fangs, fear and fright.
Pumpkins, potions, graveyard owls
Wizards, spiders as darkness prowls

After the black and the smudged blood red
The witches and warlocks, all go to bed
Hats, lanterns, sticks in a heap
Soon the goblins eyes close
As they fall fast asleep.

Another halloween over and a memory to keep!

Credits: poem©justme; Image © CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved