by justme

I fight the fire of life
Misty cool welcome droplets, sooth the gaps of skin.
Yellow, crackling, whipping flames, lick the walls
Spread and spill a knifing,probing,tonguing palm
Grasping and ripping, clinging and spitting.
Anything within it’s reach.
She devours not eats.

Pressing unwelcome forcing jet, steals the space.
For now.
Steaming frontline cloud quickly abandon the scene
Persistence the key.
Fiery villain moves along to search another crevice
No hiding place has she.
She turns like a bitten beast to snap the intruder.
But cannot flee.

Slowly and not without a fighting flicking kick.
She like a shadow  crawls back down the wall
Her trailing black snailing cloak, left behind.
She subdued, fights for a hopeless victory
Not until she is truly dead can she be touched.

The fight is over..

Her warming glow now welcome as the cool night air hits and nips.
The silence of the night is all around as her spirit
in a cloud, now more white than black
Joins the watery mist
As they twist and turn and dance towards the stars
Weaving and worming through the ether
In a laughing playful way.

Fair thee well oh fiery one
Join you tomorrow with the blazing sun
I fought you as my destroying foe
I killed you yes, but now I know.
You are but my sister dear
You and I will be forever and an eternity near
You and I will live always,
And forever,
right here.

She never did surrender, nor will I .