The funeral

by justme

Darkened cavalcade slow yet fast, streams the streets of living past
Turns the bends of childhood days
While sweeping clouds and coloured greys
Once spent with smiling innocence
When dreams looked out and made such sense
Landmarks still and stubborn dress
Mark the time, when hours, no press
When running was, just for fun, and every memory, always the sun.

Mumbling men in funeral black, step within a drizzling haze
Black knee length coats
Bought for just, such days
From hearse to tail tiered by love
From deepest hurt, to respecting shove.
It’s reached the church as road runs out,
Life in the distance, seems to roar and shout

Flailing, weeping child pulls and twangs even a heart of stone
As gazers drain each tear and sob, as the closest cling to him, alone.
Just to have one second more, to say,
I have loved you always and not just this day.
Why should they dress and move accord the man
Who whispers instruction for all to follow, his plan.

Sweet silence descends the pious place, as some just hold, pious
a memoried face
Which even now, begins to slip,
Amongst crumbling tissues and sibling grip
Angels sing, and then some people talk,
The priest address, the undertakers stalk

Still the closest, talk just to him
Welling sadness soon to reach the brim.

Slowly lowered one side too high
A single rose and a wish to die. A fathers gone,
Nothing anyone can do.
a mother and daughter and a bond so true.

A loving husband and father, underneath a hill of clay
Struggled all his life
Just to be here,

Credits: poem @justme; Image@ CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved


by justme

Show me the man who does not love
The life that he does lead
A forgetful man, a wanting man
just longing to succeed.

Show me the man who does not love
the family he has built
A broken man, a soaken man
a man refused of guilt.

Show me the man who does not love
The quiet of nights sleep
A valiant man, a daring man
His home to duty keep.

Show me the man who does not dream
of perfection as his own
A strident man, a steady man
His life he give alone.

Show me the man who does not love
the fulfillment of being right
A stronger man, a determined man
a man who stands to fight.

Show me the man who does not love
the friends and family tie.
An honest man, a hopeful man
a man who hides to cry.

Show me the man who does not love
The freedom promised from god
A fearing man, a compliant man
a man doomed to sod.

Show me the man who does not lose
the desire to be free
whose every wrong and every right
is all so he can see.
Such is the man that I am now
let angels shout out loud
Let rivers burst and valleys roar
Instruct and chase the cloud.

And when all men’s thoughts and noise and dash
finally settles down
Let stillness seep and nature keep
let there be no further sound

Then show me the man who does not love.

Credits: Writing: ©justme; Image@ CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved


by justme

Stillness thunders a powerful prose
Eyes they shudder, stutter and close.
Eight stone of muscle, meat and bone, weighs upon the bed, all alone.
A presence proved by a slightly sunken bed.
No movement now, for she, she is dead.

Our Father in heaven, who to hell are you?
Why was it her? What did she, an innocence do?
You killed the beauty before my eyes
Now the earth has lost, yet it’s only I,
who cries.

Invisible pain clamps my gut, rips my heart, dried mouth wide shut.
I’m over there across the room, my body stands, yet I see it’s gloom.
Mind it drifts as salty tears they creep, I enter a moments, a moments dreamy sleep.

Young perfect face and bright happy eyes, smiling lips and to my surprise,
she’s tall and elegant,
yet, shes so softly shy.

She won’t  look straight, head it flops
as she walks toward me, for me,
time it stops.
Behold the beauty before my eyes, we met by fate, to fulfil our lives.
Lips meet cheek, fingers entwine, my chest it displays, this girl is mine.

Then I knew…

This human meeting of this girl and a boy, was forged in the mountains, rivers and sky.
It was determined before the birth of the sun, it was an idea before the first river had run.
It’s etched on the surface and the core of the moon, the stars spell our names
they dance to our tune.

Then I return…

Eyes they open, she’s still dead, a silent body on a silent bed.
Memories still fill this holy place, beauty still fills her sleeping face.
I feel you woman, I sense you near, no answer comes, can you hear?
A girl leaves a man, a husband a wife.
Such is the way,
such is, my life.


Credits: Writing: ©justme; Image@ CatrinPhoto; All rights reserved