Left to ourselves

Listen with ear phones, click “HD” in the upper right hand corner of the video and watch in full size for best experience. 
(If watched  in small size clic in the black space on the sides to remove the frames in the video.) 

..and when we are left to ourselves, alone and silent, when we close our eyes in preparation of what shall be the content of our dream. When the subjects chosen and then pursued and yet sometimes lost and pulled back again to our attention , when we strap around our imagination the controlling reins of fear and doubt , lest we create a greater fear and claw our thoughts inwards, so that we may control our dream, it is then we slowly slip the care of time, mixed with tiredness and surrender we abandon the defines and confines of time and space and care.

It is then that time throws us to the wind of spirit, of grace onto death, quiet essential death, that we may breath, elope, evolve, that we may see. For it is when we try to see shall we be blinded by the baggage of experience and it is when we hold the reins we draw upon our fears and cares but it is when we sleep upon an alter that offers no more than a dignified slab of place, that we truly can be taken. Taken not to a stranger place but a place once known yet only seen within reflections, seen within a holy word, felt upon a simple moment. Yet even this place we leave and under the cover of forgetfulness we abandon upon the second moment of wake.

© justme, May 30 2012:

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